Angst All Over! EP

by Lucifer O'Brien

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kaiholl5 Amazingly unique voice by an equally amazing artist-this album was homemade in his college dorm room, making it that much more edgy! A lot of hard work went into this record, and I bet 100% you'll love it as much as I do! :) Favorite track: Easy Mistake.
Ferris Evans
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Ferris Evans Passionate and sweet-voiced. I love Luke and you should too. Favorite track: Quite A Noticeable Contribution.
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My debut EP! Four angst-ridden songs recorded completely in my bedroom at college, Spring 2016

not art. Records 001

Dedicated to Bob Comeau


released May 6, 2016

Vocals, Guitars, Mixing, and Production: Luke O'Brien
All Songs Written by Luke O'Brien

Special Thanks: Chris James, Johnny Hoel, Patrick, Suzanne, Liam and Roxie O'Brien Kai Holl, and everyone who has tolerated my open mic performances

All Rights Reserved, Luke's Words and Voice are part of not art. Records



all rights reserved


Luke O'Brien Massachusetts

The left-handed boy who can't get anything right

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Track Name: Easy Mistake
I'm feeling quite poetic but I can't find the words
Feeling like a blown socket and I'm into occult girls
Virgin sacrifices and dancing in the flames
I'm wondering if I'll ever feel the same
Guess it's just an...

Easy Mistake
Easy Mistake
Easy Mistake
And I'm betting I'll make it again
Easy Mistake
Easy Mistake
Easy Mistake
And I'm here without my friends

Popsicle sticks and other phallic things
I gave her a broken promise ring
Strung out on Tylenol how am I getting by?
I'm just sat here while you were all getting high
Guess it's just an...


She said her love was pure
Untainted and untouched
But I knew that wasn't true
And I knew that she was too much
But I fell victim to her lust
And I look into her eyes
And from that day on I knew
It was the day that I had died...!

Track Name: Quite A Noticeable Contribution
There's no way to make this story interesting
Someone in time will roll their eyes
Somebody won't believe me
And talk about all my lies

But my heart has been hammered and hardened
Just like everybody else
But at the same time nobody even cares to listen
Nobody cares about me

Clarity and catharsis
Make my eyes water
Just like the eyes of my father did when his father past away
And although she gouged my heart out
And she ate it with a spoon
Still she'll claim, oh still she'll claim that I left far too soon, I left far too soon

Just another worn out pop song
Something to try and right all my wrongs
Let the audience wear out all their vocal cords
Let the guitars all go out of tune

One lazy cliché after another
I glare at the rolling eyes of my brother
Pre-ripped jeans, sexed up teens, a place where drama reigns supreme
But at the same time nobody even cares to listen
Nobody cares about me!


She smokes a cigarette
Shying away-ay-ay
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Sh-sh-sh-shying away hey hey
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Sh-sh-sh-shying away-ay-ay

Track Name: Don't Know Where I'm Going To Next
My friends are all dead
Wiped out by my own inconsistencies
I dreamt that you were beaten to death
By the cops
But you're not
My friend, where have you been?
I've been asleep, dreaming of death

April's cruel buds from the trees
They remind me of love
A love that was lost
So long ago
And the pain is sharp
But it's quick, and it's over before
The sun can come up, and we
will die

We live! two lives
When we're awake, and our dreams
But our dreams, hold the truth
For both me-- and you

And the clock on the wall is just another fake smile
In my life, that I don't need
And the walls all dripping blood of my lovers past and present
And the future--the future doesn't belong to me

I'm LIFTED to the sky but my soul it remains behind and
I don't know where I'm going to next...
Track Name: Madison's Scars
Madison's scars
Litter her arms
Scream out in silence
Silently scream

Drown in the mountains
Swim in the snow
She dares to go
Where no one else knows

Break, break, break, break up my heart
Scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape up my arm
And ca-ca-ca-catharsis is crucial, to me
Just let me be

Let the night come
Let the darkness cleanse
Let the stars fight out
Until the bitter end

The stars are all clear now
Clearer than ever
And the cold night with you
Well nothing is better



(Final Chorus)